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German lawyer for criminal defence and IT law

Excellence in criminal defense, crisis & technology law.

Defense in criminal law, commercial & criminal tax law | consulting & compliance in corporate crisis, commercial criminal law & IT law.

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German lawyer for criminal defence and IT law / technology law

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm in Germany has been in business for over 25 years and specializes in criminal defense! No „criminal law on the side“ – all of our criminal defense attorneys are criminal law specialists and focus on tough, serious criminal defense. Areas of emphasis in criminal law include white collar criminal law, criminal tax law, cybercrime and corporate crisis.
We fight for you at the desk, in the courtroom and in the media, offering professional crisis communication including media law – with experienced handling of the public and the press.

In addition, we provide your Attorney for IT-Law in Germany: IT-legal advice to companies in the digital, technological and creative sectors („tech-creative companies“) – with a focus on software law, IT security, green IT and battery law.

German Attorney at Law Ferner: Contact in Criminal Law & IT-Law/Technology Law

  • Specialized activity: We take on criminal defense cases alone and are also active in an advisory capacity for companies in white-collar criminal law & IT law.
  • Accessibility: Mon-Thu from 6.30h to 10h and 16h to 19h at 02404-92100 or; dates by appointment only
  • In case of emergency: 0175 1075646
  • Why us: On the one hand, highly specialized – on the other hand, the personal handling that one expects: no hiding behind the secretary’s office and immediate accessibility of the lawyer.
  • Spatial activity: In reasonable cases, we are active nationwide.
  • Transparent prices with installment payments and public defense at the district court – but no free initial consultation and no legal aid.
Rechtsanwalt Ferner in Alsdorf, Aachen; Fachanwalt für Strafrecht und Fachanwalt für IT-Recht in der Städteregion Aachen, verfügbar für Betroffene in Alsdorf, Aachen, Würselen, Baesweiler, Herzogenrath, Eschweiler, Übach-Palenberg, Geilenkirchen und Aldenhoven

Our german lawyers: criminal defense and it-law in germany

Rechtsanwalt Jens Ferner, Fachanwalt für Strafrecht & Fachanwalt für IT-Recht, spezialisiert auf Strafverteidigung, Cybercrime und Technologierecht

RA Jens Ferner

Specialist lawyer for criminal law & specialist lawyer for IT law (germany)

Dual specialist lawyer (specialist lawyer for criminal law and specialist lawyer for IT law), commentator in a renowned StPO commentary & software developer – gives expert lectures on cybercrime and technology law. Specializes in criminal defense and the needs of tech creative companies.

Rechtsanwalt Dieter Ferner, Fachanwalt für Strafrecht, spezialisiert auf Strafverteidigung

RA Dieter Ferner

Specialist criminal lawyer (germany)

Criminal Defense Attorney, founder of the firm and Specialist Criminal Attorney for well over 20 years. He exclusively undertakes criminal defense cases.

Re-Thinking criminal Defense

When it comes to your freedom and reputation: 100% Criminal Defense Lawyer.

With us there is no room for „criminal law on the side“: the criminal defense lawyers of our, in Germany, in the Aachen area located, lawyer boutique focus on criminal defense for private individuals. We are not „lawyers for everything“, but have recognized early on that in criminal law you need absolute professionals who do not get bogged down – so that clear announcements also have a real value. Because criminal charges are not only about the punishment, the sanction alone, but also always about your reputation. In social and business life, your reputation, your good name, is of particular importance – we find face-saving solutions so that your life can go on.

Criminal defense has been rethought by us: the model we have developed, „Consult different„, is based on an extremely factual approach as well as the American model, which is characterized by a much more personal approach by lawyers. Because if you feel lonely and lost in a criminal case, you need a direct contact with time, honesty and empathy.

Criminal Defense Attorney „911“ (Germany)

0175 1075646

Our in-house criminal defense emergency service provides immediate assistance in all genuine criminal law emergencies in the city region of Aachen, Düren and Heinsberg – especially for those affected in Alsdorf, Aachen, Würselen, Baesweiler, Herzogenrath, Eschweiler, Übach-Palenberg, Geilenkirchen and Aldenhoven.

Detention or arrest warrant | House searchParole revocationPublic defender soughtIndefendant InterrogationProperty Arrest | International Arrest Warrant | An indictment received  | Criminal Warrant

Fachanwalt für IT-Recht Jens Ferner

Lawyer for tech creative companies

IT law has been firmly associated with our law firm in the Aachen area for over a decade: German Attorney Jens Ferner has been a specialist attorney for IT law for many years and today, in addition to criminal defense, focuses on the needs of tech creative companies – these are digital, creative or technological companies such as software developers, system houses, game developers and agencies – as well as start-ups developing new technologies.

Immerse yourself with us in the exciting challenges of digitalization and the development of new technologies, with software law at the heart of our expertise. We navigate you safely through the complex web of digital intellectual property law, data protection law and IT labor law. In addition, we help you to overcome the hurdles of IT security, to operate successfully within the boundaries of advertising law and to secure your intellectual property rights in the digital space. Of course, we help in the area of IT contract law, especially when it comes to the use of software, batteries, semiconductors and IT security issues.

Our particular focus in IT law is on software law and creative law. Our specialist attorney for IT law, Jens Ferner, is passionately dedicated to the legal issues that digital art and creativity raise for galleries, advertising agencies and artists.

Rechtsanwalt für IT-Recht: Unser Tätigkeitsspektrum in diesem Bereich bezieht sich auf Greentech-Unternehmen sowie digitale und kreative Unternehmen wie Softwareentwickler oder Werbeagenturen.

Artificial Intelligence.

Our passion is technology and we have made it our mission to accompany creative and digital companies in their everyday legal work. We pay special attention to the fascinating and increasingly relevant field of artificial intelligence. Our lawyer, Jens Ferner, even goes one step further and develops software himself, including in-house AI solutions for language analysis and knowledge management.

Publications & Lectures

Lawyer Jens Ferner regularly publishes and lectures on IT & criminal law. He is an author in the Graf/StPO commentary, in the Juris Praxisreporten Strafrecht & IT-Recht and in the „Juris Anwaltzertifikat IT-Recht“. Furthermore, he is the head of legal trainee training courses in audit law for the Higher Regional Court of Cologne.

Publications 2023

  • IT forensics, legal basis (AnwZert ITR 13/2023 note 3).
  • Liability in a Ponzi scheme (jurisPR-Strafrecht 12/2023, note 4 – decision here with us)
  • Contradiction against utilization of evidence (jurisPR-Strafrecht 14/2023, note 2 – decision here with us)
  • Usability of chat logs skimmed by means of smartphone app „Anom“ (jurisPR-StrafR 11/2023 note 4 – decision here with us)
  • Admissibility of the lettershop procedure under data protection law (jurisPR-ITR 15/2023 note 6)

Lectures 2023

In 2023, the focus is primarily on a lecture series on cybercrime. Due to several writing projects, only a few specialist lectures are planned for this year. In 2022, attorney Jens Ferner also held specialist lectures on the legal requirements of IT security; current case law on cybercrime + legal issues relating to Bitcoin; defense in cybercrime cases and the legal basis of IT forensics. In addition, for the first time there was a separate seminar block on the topic of „digital evidence“ for the German Lawyers‘ Academy, in which the collection and utilization of digital evidence was the topic.

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