Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Germany?

Criminal defence lawyers in Germany: The law firm Ferner Alsdorf is a law firm based in Germany – in the Aachen region – specialising in criminal law. A specialist lawyer for criminal law and a specialist lawyer for IT law offer you criminal defence as a core activity – with specialisations in cybercrime, copyright law, labour law, narcotics law, homicide & sexual offences.

Our criminal defence lawyers will help you with an all-round criminal defence:

  • We take care of an interpreter
  • We take care of all correspondence with the court and the public prosecutor’s office
  • We offer comprehensive support during pre-trial detention in Germany
  • We offer digital, secure communication.
  • For Dutch citizens from the Zeeland, Maastricht, Kerkrade and Heerlen area, we offer meetings on site in the Netherlands.

Contact: We only speak English and German. Therefore, do not call us, but always send an email to contact@ferner-alsdorf.de or write via Threema messenger under „FVNW2K7T“. We will answer within 24h!

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Do without expensive lawyer brokers with non-transparent costs and incomprehensible selection of lawyers: You can contact us directly by mail, we help immediately and do not charge fantasy prices. We also take care of hiring an interpreter.

Lawyer for criminal law in Germany

We offer several criminal defence lawyers in a law firm that has specialised in criminal law for over 20 years. In our criminal defence law firm you will find your criminal defence lawyer and specialist criminal lawyer in the Aachen & Heinsberg area, as well as nationwide in meaningful areas of criminal defence.

Our German criminal defence lawyers find solutions even from seemingly hopeless situations and are available immediately after arrest or search. Especially in complex and existence-threatening proceedings such as white-collar crime, homicide, cybercrime and sexual offences, you will benefit from our law firm, which does not handle criminal law „on the side“. Thus, as criminal defence lawyers in Germany, we help in the areas of:

  • Criminal defence in all areas of criminal law
  • Commercial criminal law & criminal tax law
  • Cybercrime (nationwide)
  • Labour criminal law
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • BTM criminal law
  • Weapons criminal law
  • Sexual offences law
  • Criminal law
  • Revision and appeal
  • Criminal Execution Law

Secure communication

Security should be at the top of the priority list for a law firm in this day and age: We offer you fully encrypted communication with easy handling, communication via Threema messenger, a working environment secured by hardware firewall and fully encrypted storage media, and the certainty that really nothing of yours ends up in some external cloud via us.

Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Germany? - Ferner: Rechtsanwalt für Strafrecht, Verkehrsrecht, IT-Recht Aachen
Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Germany? 5
Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Germany? - Ferner: Rechtsanwalt für Strafrecht, Verkehrsrecht, IT-Recht Aachen
Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Germany? 6

Anwaltskanzlei Ferner Alsdorf

Please do not call us, write us an email!

Specialist lawyer for criminal law Dieter Ferner
Criminal defence lawyer & specialist lawyer for IT law Jens Ferner

Threema: „FVNW2K7T“

Anwaltskanzlei Ferner Alsdorf
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Lawyers in Germany for Criminal Law

Rechtsanwalt für Strafrecht Aachen: Ferner Rechtsanwälte bieten Ihren Rechtsanwalt für Strafrecht, Verkehrsrecht und IT-Recht