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Criminal Defense attorney and lawyer for criminal law, cybercrime & white collar crime in Germany

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100% Criminal Defense Attorney in Alsdorf & Aachen – Attorney at Law, Specialist Attorney for Criminal Law + Specialist Attorney for IT Law

Defense attorney wanted in the Aachen or Heinsberg area? Our criminal defense attorneys are available daily and will represent you in the entire criminal law area as well as adjacent areas:

  • criminal law, commercial criminal law & administrative offences
  • Cybercrime & Copyright Criminal Law
  • Criminal traffic law

Modern criminal defense in Aachen, Heinsberg, Cologne

Criminal defence lawyers and attorneys in Alsdorf with clear values – specialist lawyers for the Aachen region with focused areas of expertise, concentrated on modern criminal defence and cybercrime With us there is no “criminal law on the side”: In our law firm in Alsdorf you will find specialized criminal defense attorneys for the region of Aachen, Heinsberg and Cologne who score with hundreds of hours of main trial experience. With our personal and mindful approach, based on fixed values, we are against the uniformity of lawyers and for specialized regional representation. Please note that we operate exclusively in Aachen, Heinsberg and Cologne. And if you do not speak German, we are available exclusively for criminal defense.

The public prosecutor’s office is staffed by lawyers who in their everyday work exclusively do criminal law – in order to act at eye level, a criminal defense attorney must offer exactly that.

Criminal defense attorney Ferner

With us, you will find your lawyer for criminal law in the Aachen city region and for the southern district of Heinsberg as well as in the greater Cologne area: In a criminal law emergency, we are available immediately and personally every day, independent of opening hours, directly via our criminal defense emergency call. We offer a modern procedure, our assignment and order can be made within the shortest time, the same day, at the responsible authority, without the need for an appointment.

Arrest warrant, questioning of accused, charge, revocation of probation, house search? Defense attorney helps!

When the police are at your door, you need a strong criminal defense attorney who draws clear boundaries. In these situations, the most common mistakes are made, which can lead to a verdict.

Our criminal defense attorneys & lawyers help in case of a criminal emergency in the Aachen & Heinsberg area, independent of telephone hours, with our criminal defense emergency call: 02404-95998727

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Activities of our criminal defense attorneys:

  • criminal defense: In criminal defense, the name of our law firm in the Aachen area has for decades stood for solid, convincing work in all areas of criminal law. Your lawyer for criminal law (“Strafverteidiger” or “Strafanwalt”) with a clear edge in the courtroom: Also in juvenile criminal law, sexual criminal law, BTM criminal law, traffic criminal law, medical criminal law or weapons criminal law. More about our criminal defense.
  • Business Criminal Law: Corporate criminal law and corporate sanctions, in cases of fraud, money laundering or embezzlement, labor criminal law such as withholding and embezzlement of wages, offences in the protection of industrial property rights such as trademark criminal law or competition criminal law as well as criminal tax law – we provide you with continuous training in the demanding field of business criminal law.
  • Cybercrime & Personal Rights: A special field of activity of our law firm lies in digital law with a focus on criminal defense in IT criminal law (Cybercrime & Darknet) including personal rights, data protection criminal law and trade secret protection law.
  • Penalty order received: A penalty order can have considerable consequences, but at the same time an assessment must first be made of how useful the defense is. We offer an all-inclusive price to advise you sensibly in case of a penalty order.
  • Revision or appeal: If things did not go as expected, you may want to appeal. We also represent you in appeals and revisions unerringly in criminal law.

Our lawyers: Criminal defense attorney in the north district of Aachen

In our Alsdorf office there are two attorneys who are mainly active as criminal defense attorneys: Lawyer Dieter Ferner (specialist lawyer for criminal law) & lawyer Jens Ferner (criminal defense lawyer and specialist lawyer for IT law). Our criminal defense attorneys focus on criminal law and criminal proceedings, we offer full service in your criminal law matters. You will benefit from the central location of our law firm, which is focused on criminal defense, in Alsdorf, in the heart of the Aachen city region. This means that we are available for you within a short time, especially from the neighboring cities of Baesweiler, Würselen, Herzogenrath, Geilenkirchen, Eschweiler and Aldenhoven – and of course at the local courts in Aachen, Geilenkirchen, Heinsberg and Eschweiler, which means that we are quickly available.

We do things differently in the tough fight for your rights - openly, respectfully, personally, based on clear values and regionally oriented. All our activities are oriented towards sustainable action and the pursuit of meaningful results. We offer the assurance that your case will be handled consistently and hard. Find out more about our somewhat different law firm.